Jack W. Hanks Bio

Jack W. Hanks received his Bachelor of Business Administration and Petroleum Land Management in 1968 from the University of Texas at Austin. In 1971, he received his juris doctor from the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, Texas. Hanks began his career in 1971, where he served as counsel at Pennzoil Corporation in Houston. Hanks continued his work at Pierson Semmes Law Firm from 1973 to 1976 and then Akin Gump Strauss Law Firm in Washington, D.C. from 1976 until 1986. In 1987, Hanks formed Maple Resources Corporation and has continued to serve as its Founder and President since its inception.

Maple Resources engaged in a number of oil and gas acquisitions and divestitures and ultimately acquired assets that included 10 gas processing plants and approximately 770 miles of natural gas gathering lines and transmission infrastructure. In 1992, Maple Resources developed the Maple Gas del Peru refining and gas to power projects in Peru. Hanks sold substantially all of the Maple Resources US-based assets and began to pursue energy projects on an international basis, including oil and gas opportunities and electric power projects in Peru.

The company initiated these efforts with the launching of several energy projects in Peru’s central jungle, after winning an international tender held by the Peruvian Government in March 1994. In conjunction with winning this tender, Maple Resources executed two hydrocarbon concession agreements for exploration and production rights in Blocks 31-B, 31-D and 31-C with Perupetro, as well as a lease with Petroperú to utilize and operate the Pucallpa Refinery and Sales Plant.

In 1993, the company began developing the Aguaytía Project, an integrated natural gas and electric power generation and transmission project. As Chairman and CEO of Maple Resources, Hanks was responsible for all major aspects of this project, including acquiring the exploration and production license to Block 31-C, obtaining all material permits required to commence operations, arranging all project financing requirements and overseeing construction and commissioning of the project. This $273 million project involved the first commercial development of a natural gas field in Peru, as well as the construction and operation of over 180 miles of hydrocarbon pipelines, a gas processing plant, a fractionation facility, a power plant and the related 243 miles of electricity transmission lines. The Aguaytía Project was financed principally through equity provided by a consortium of international energy companies and long-term debt. Maple Resources sold its interest in Aguaytía to Duke Energy in 2009.

In 2007, Maple Energy, plc was listed on the London AIM to operate the Peru projects. Hanks served as the Executive Chairman of the Board from 2007 to 2009. Hanks set up Maple’s original management team and personally hired virtually all of Maple’s key senior executives. Through the years, Hanks has remained in close contact with all key management at Maple and has elaborated a tentative two-phased plan with somewhat varied management structures, aimed at dealing with the post-acquisition transition process, and later with the implementation of Maple’s growth opportunities.

In 2010, Hanks and partners acquired MMEX Mining Corp, a public mining company and transitioned MMEX to the oil, gas, refining resources company of today, renaming it MMEX Resources. Hanks has served as Chairman, President and CEO of MMEX Resources since 2010. Under the leadership of Hanks, MMEX focuses on the acquisition, development and financing of oil, gas, refining and electric power projects in Texas, Peru, and other countries in Latin America using the expertise of our principals to identify, finance and acquire these projects.

MMEX Resources is currently in the process of building a crude oil refinery complex in the Permian Basin Pecos County near Fort Stockton, Texas, in two phases, with Phase 1 being a 10,000 BPD Crude Distillation Unit which produces diesel, naphtha and residual fuel oil, and Phase 2 being a full-scale crude oil refinery with capacity of up to 100,000 BPD, producing a full slate of refined products.

In July 2018 MMEX announced the formation of MMEX Solar Resources, LLC and filed a trademark to develop a solar power project to potentially supply solar power renewable energy to its

refinery projects. In the same year, MMEX Resources acquired its membership in the Texas Solar Power Association (TSPA). The decision to use solar power as renewable energy to facilitate MMEX’s operations was explained by Hanks as being pegged on the convergence of tremendous resources in Pecos County and the efficiency associated with using renewable energy.

The solar power generated will power MMEX Resources’ facilities though it can potentially power nearby cities, according to Hanks. The renewable energy that the company intends to use will generate additional revenue from power supplied to other external users. With the help of his outstanding leadership and management, Jack M. Hanks forecasts that the solar-powered refinery could be up and running by the end of the first quarter of 2020.


University of Texas School of Law, Austin, Texas.

Juris doctor, 1971

University of Texas, Austin, Texas.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Petroleum Land Management, 1968

Professional Experience:

MMEX Resources Corporation, Chairman, President & CEO 2010 to Present

Maple Energy, plc, Executive Chairman of the Board 2007-2009

The Maple Companies, Limited, BVI: Chairman 1992 to 1997

Maple Resources Corporation, Dallas, Texas. Chairman, President, & CEO- 1987 to Present.

Akin Gump Strauss Law Firm Washington, D.C., 1976-1986

Pierson, Semmes, Law Firm Washington, D.C. 1973-1976

Pennzoil Corporation, Houston, Texas, Counsel: 1971-1973.